Seward High School Art

December 21, 2016

Illusions with lines

by e10391

To end the year, we did a variety of small projects involving optical illusions using lines and rulers!  We started with the 3-D hand or sphere illusion, then did a one point perspective room, and ended with 3-D one point perspective letters!  Here are just a few of them!


Shayne Sullivan


Case Estes


Ayla Lapanskas


Gabby Keeter


Sarah Meinema


Ruby Lindquist


Elena Hamner


Maddy Moore


Emma Moore


Heleana Backus


Sarah Meinema


Ryan Miller


Jazmine Jarnig


Heleana Backus


Emma Moore


Kaylee Brockman


Zen Petrosius

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February 19, 2015

Middle School Grid Portraits

by e10391

This quarter, I have the pleasure of teaching 6th graders art (plus the lovely 8th grader Julie German)!  Our last project was inspired by Chuck Close, an artist who uses grids to draw amazing portraits on a large scale.  Check out their work!


Onaangel Williamson


Julie German


Katelyn Sawyer-Lemme


Nick Katsma


Paola Baez


Matthew Stanley


Marisa Phasomsap


Gunnar Davis


Levi Deboard


Araya Fejes


Max Pfeiffenberger

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March 7, 2014

Aboriginal Style Dot Paintings

by e10391


Seward High Art Students looked South to Aboriginal Australians for inspiration for a painting project.  The indeginous people of Australia have been creating works of art covered in dots for tens of thousands of years.  They dip sticks into pigment to stamp out dots historically on bark, rocks, logs, and today on canvases.  These dot patterns tell stories and map out journeys.


SHS Art Students created paintings for the National Oceans Science Bowl Art Show with Ocean themes .  We drew out our designs, painting solid color down, and then used paint pens to decorate with dots.  This was a super fun project and they all did a great job!


Jasmyn Calhoon


Rhett Sieverts


Kelsey McKean


Justin Schutter


Brandon Moore


Dustin Newman


Darci McFaul


Ryan Johnson


Erin Doty


Erin Spradlin


Roma Hamner


Elannah Camp


Grace Callicut


Cassidy DeLand


Michael Walker


Diana German


Kinze Hauze


Erin Lane


Brittany Baldwin


Dakota Nickell


Zack Maly

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September 23, 2011

Self Portrait Paintings

by e10391

Seward High Intro to Art Class just completed Self Portrait Paintings. The project began as a drawing assignment, with students drawing and enlarging a posterized photo of themselves by using a grid.  They transferred the drawing onto canvas and painted it with tints and shades of a color of their choosing.  They turned out great!  Come to the Music and Arts Festival this weekend to see them in real life!



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January 31, 2011

Pop Art Prints

by e10391

This month Seward High Art classes were lucky enough to visit the Andy Warhol Exhibit at the Anchorage Museum. Thanks to the local PTSA and Seward Arts Council for splitting the cost of our bus!  In response, students made their own Warholesque Pop Art Linoleum Prints.  They turned out great, see for yourself:

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January 21, 2011

Coiled Candle Holders

by e10391

Seward High Ceramic Students began the semester by making coiled candle holders.  After creating foot tall structures that incorporated at least three shapes, they coated them with spray paint them and accented them with acrylic paint.  Here are some of the nicest ones:

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December 3, 2010

Triptych Collages

by e10391

Seward High Art students created new scenes out of old photos.  For inspiration, students viewed the Abberant Art of Barry Kite.  Kite is a contemporary artists who mainly reworks art history classics by cutting them up and combining them in humorous ways.  Students also viewed triptych artwork from the past and were asked to make their collages in triptych form.  Thanks to the Seward Library for donating encyclopedias and magazines.


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December 1, 2010

Ceramic Bas Relief Tiles

by e10391

Seward High Ceramic students have made bas relief tilesBas means low in french, these are low set sculptures emerging from a flat surface. This carving technique is quite ancient, and it has been used independently in many cultures from Mesoamerica to India. Seward high students made theirs with clay.

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Pottery Wheel Projects

by e10391

Seward High Ceramic students have been mastering the pottery wheel this semester, namely making bowls and mugs.  Here is some of their work:

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October 25, 2010

Day of the Dead Masks

by e10391

When the Spanish Conquistadors arrived in Mexico over 500 years ago, they encountered the indigenous people practicing a ritual which is today known as the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).  This was a month long celebration for dead relatives when it was believed that the souls of the departed return to visit the living. Unlike the Spaniards, who viewed death as the end of life, the natives viewed it as the continuation of life. Instead of fearing death, they embraced it. To them, life was a dream and only in death did they become truly awake.

To the Catholic Spanish, this ritual seemed to be sacrilegious, and they unsuccessfully tried to eradicate it.  There was a good deal of reluctance on the part of the indigenous people which resulted in a blending of old customs with the new religion. All Saints’ Day and All Hallows Eve (Halloween) roughly coincided with the preexisting Día de Los Muertos resulting in the present day 2-day event which draws from both.

Today, people don wooden skull masks called calacas and dance in honor of their deceased relatives. The wooden skulls are also placed on altars that are dedicated to the dead. Sugar skulls, made with the names of the dead person on the forehead, are eaten by a relative or friend, according to Mary J. Adrade, who has written three books on the ritual.  The Aztecs and other Meso-American civilizations kept skulls as trophies and displayed them during the ritual. The skulls were used to symbolize death and rebirth.

Seward Art High Students made their own Day of the Dead masks.  They began with slabs of clay, which they draped over human face molds.  They then sculpted the clay to look like a skull.  After the clay was fired, students painted them with spray and acrylic paint. They did an awesome job.

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