Seward High School Art

April 26, 2018

Health Fair Stencils

by e10391

Seward High Art Students created multilayer stencils illustrating any healthy activity in their lives for the Seward Community Health Fair this past weekend.  The public was welcome to jury this art show and four students pieces were voted as the most popular and will be receiving prizes!  Congrats in no particular order to Marisa Phasomsap, Tegan Retzer, Hana Cooney and Cody Bryden!  Students edited photos on Photoshop, then hand cut each stencil layer (color) with exacto knives onto cardstock.  They sprayed each layer lightly with spray-paint, waited for it to dry and then added the next. Great Job!


Marisa Phasomsap – Wonder – Exploring the stars.

bigotry is bogus

Tegan Retzer – Bigotry is Bogus – My friend protesting for women’s rights and looking fierce.


Hana Cooney – Guiding – My father smiling for the camera on a hunting trip.


Cody Bryden – Ski-Doo – Snow machining up at Lost Lake is a good way to get outside.

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