Seward High School Art

February 22, 2012

Nikki Farquharson Style Drawings

by e10391

After looking at the artwork by illustrator Nikki Farquharson, Seward High Art Students made their own patterned artwork using markers.  They traced or collaged in the main figure, then developed intricate patterns for the background.  I think they turned out really nice!

Hana Stovall

Angelina Ledet

Sierra Vandervegt

Page Carter

Michael Marshall

Chelsea Olesiuk

Taylor Boyett

Misha Johnson

Larry Lindberg

Maria Jackson

Jaz Odhner

Jalen Terry

Tori Stallings

Hunter Doan

Carrie Anderson

Olivia Beckham

Andy Hughes

Sam Stauble

Jasmine Perea

Renzee Comia

Kiana Clemens

Alex Pahno

Richie Mack

Dylan Gillespie

Dominique Strickland

William Whiteshield

Emily Brockman

Lane Spradlin

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