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April 6, 2017

Kenai Fjords National Park Species Maps Assignment!

by e10391

The Art of Mapmaking is called CartographyCartography (in Greek chartis = map and graphein = write) is the study and practice of making representations of the Earth on a flat surface. Cartography combines science, art, and technical ability to create a balanced and readable representation that is capable of communicating information effectively and quickly.

We are going to create maps of an area in Kenai Fjords National Park which include some of the local flora and fauna.

Here are some cool maps to check out and inspire you!  What are these maps communicating other than the geography?


Pacific Coastal Whales


The Imperialism of Britain


Places, Animals and Goods of Ireland


Species of New Zealand


Compass Rose with Shipping Charts


Greenland Sites and Species


Animals of the world


Empirialism in Africa – Different Shields of different ??


Sea Monsters!


More Sea Monsters!


Florida Gators!


Different Ethnicities and species on multiple Continents


Tourist Destinations in Europe


Wildlife in India


Birds and Iceland

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Not sure but this seems to be about Imperialism too!  Africa? Land of Plenty!

Alright lets take it back to home!

Here is an interactive map of the boundaries of the Kenai Fjords National Park!

It starts near Seward, wrapping around Exit Glacier and the Harding Icefields and extends all the way south west to Nuka Bay.


Here is an interactive shaded topography map of our area

Here is another topo map, with lines to repesent elevation gain.

Use these maps or another one you find to choose the area of the Kenai Fjords National Park you wish to illustrate.  Zoom in and out to find an interesting section.  Make sure it is actually in the park!  Use the snipping tool to take a screen shot of the area and paste it into Word so you can print it out!

Assignment: Make a map of a portion of Kenai Fjords National park which communicates about the Flora and Fauna in our area (plants and animals)!  You can do many small animals or a few bigger ones, up to you!


Mandatory Features:

Accurate Land/Ocean depiction

Fauna/Flora at least 3

Labeled names of ocean features (bays)/land features such as mountains and mines

Optional features choose at least three:

Compass Rose

Latitude/longitude lines

Nautical routes

Topography (mountains) either with topo lines or shading

Current patterns


Sea Monsters

You will be drawing your map by hand.  The original cartographers weren’t able to use satallite images when they were making maps, they had to travel the land and figure out how to represent it on a flat surface!  Make your drawing as accurate as you possibly can!

Once you have the map drawn out, add your features!  No tracing for this either, but you may look at pictures of the flora/fauna you are adding!

Once it it perfected, trace your design onto watercolor paper.

Paint it neatly and have fun with the colors!

After the paint is dry we have new skinny sharpie pens in ever color to add details and lines!

Do your best and make your map awesome!



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