Seward High School Art

December 7, 2012

Advanced Art

by e10391

Congratulations to Gretchen Lindquist for creating the winning mural design!  Her Jellyfish design will be located on the bathrooms by the skate park.  The Mural Society ordered us six 4’x8′ aluminum panels (thanks Jennifer Headtke!), which we cut down to 4’x6′ (thanks Ronn Hemstock!) to facilitate the 6’x 24′ design.  We then sanded, washed and primed all of the panels.  Gretchen is currently drawing/projecting the design onto the panels.  Once she’s done, her classmates will help her begin to paint!


Here are some more random projects from Advanced Art Students at Seward High:

Ashley Whiteshield

Ben Miranda

Ben Miranda

Emma Farris – Tree Dreamcatcher

Michael Marshall

Michael Marshall

Richie Mack

Izzy Barnwell

Brianna Honebein

TJ Allen

TJ Allen

Chelsea Olesiuk

Dylan Gillespie

Alex Ashford


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